Since I started learning about algorithms, most examples and explanations I come across are usually in languages unfamiliar to me (yet), like Python, Java, etc. That’s why in this article, I want to unpack what I've learned using Binary Search and JavaScript. I also wanted to shout out BrightCode’s Algo course, which has been really helpful.

  1. I want to explain binary search by using an everyday example (practical/relateable )

2. I’d like to walk through a more technical example of a binary search code in JavaScript.

Binary Search in an Everyday Example

One of my favorite metaphors for binary search is a guessing game. Let’s say…

I will break down my first Chingu Solo Project submission, which was accepted for Chingu Voyage 27. The application was built with JavaScript using React library, CSS for styling and deployed with Heroku. The purpose of the application was to utilize Google Books API to search books and click on a more details button to access more information, make sure the styling is responsive, include error handling, and only search for books upon clicking submit button. Finally, deploy. …

As a software engineering student at the Flatiron School, we get the opportunity to join Zoom meetings with potential employers that range from startups to corporations. During one meeting with a young startup, a student asked, “What do you look for in recent Bootcamp Grads?” One of the developers said, “If they have killer projects and have contributed to open source, that's a big thumbs up from my end.” …

One of the most important steps in building a good application is to have a practical, clear, and organized plan that you can rely on to carry out the project. There have been countless times that I am working on code, get stuck on a bug, and lose my sense of focus and direction. That’s when referencing my project outline has helped me re-prioritize my time and efforts with the big picture in mind. Throughout this article, I will introduce a few tools that are helpful in planning out my projects, and they are Lucid Chart, Figma, Forest, and Notion.

Chris V Sanchez

Full-Stack Web Developer

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